Are glass houses a thing?


by Emily , in category: Real Estate , 4 years ago

I've seen glass houses in movies and TV, and I've seen houses in real life made with a lot of windows. But are there real houses made out of just glass? I imagine the majority of glass houses have base materials like wood, cinder block and so on.

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10 answers

by GeorgeS29 , 4 years ago

They are but they are specialty houses and are very rare. We have one near us that is half under ground. The glass used is VERY thick. I am talking 10 inches thick. It is not cheap to build and requires a lot of maintenance.



by Taylor , 4 years ago

I imagine they would be, but I don't recall seeing any in my lifetime. I saw some on TV and in movies, but nothing truly made out of just glass. I think it'd be cool, but I imagine you need to do a lot of upkeep on it. Otherwise it could degrade faster.


by Missy , 4 years ago

There is a small half glass house down the road from my parent's house. It was a very small home that was build up and out using glass paneling. It looks beautiful but I would be scared of living in such a thing. It only takes one storm to break half the house.


by lilla , 4 years ago

I have never seen one in my life. I think the only time I saw on in general was in a horror film. I can't remember what it was called but the entire house was glass. It looks cool but there is like no privacy.


by luther , 4 years ago

I've seen huge glass buildings so I don't see why a house wouldn't exist.

However, these glass buildings aren't meant to be a home. Maintaining a glass home would be a nightmare I'd imagine and really not worth it.


by thad , 4 years ago

Glass Houses From Around the World. There's something incredibly mysterious and dramatic about the look of a glass house. Although the entirety of the building may not actually be made of glass, the floor to ceiling windows of any style house give an extra bit of bold beauty that traditional homes cannot recreate.


by thad , 4 years ago

Yes. Glass is an undeniably beautiful material. It lets in light and when used as a partition, the space is light, bright and airy. The fact that glass is so aesthetically pleasing is one of the reasons why so many contemporary homes utilize so much glass. When a home is constructed from significant amounts of glass, the end result is often stunning, and the client is likely to be very happy with their new abode.


by verlie , 4 years ago

A glasshouse enhances the garden, becoming a feature in its own right. Glass has unique properties of high light transmission (especially important for plant growth during the critical period of early spring) and attracts solar heat energy, trapping warmth re-emitted from the soil, structure and plants.

by vilma_kuphal , 4 years ago

Great to hear your tomatoes are doing well. Other vegetables that would be suitable to grow in a glasshouse are; beans, cucumbers, courgettes and eggplants. Your lettuce and spinach are struggling because it's getting too hot; possibly caused by a lack of adequate ventilation.

by june_ankunding , 4 years ago

The Glass House is best understood as a pavilion for viewing the surrounding landscape. Invisible from the road, the house sits on a promontory overlooking a pond with views towards the woods beyond. The house is 55 feet long and 33 feet wide, with 1,815 square feet. Each of the four exterior walls is punctuated by a centrally located glass door that opens onto the landscape. The house, which ushered the International Style into residential American architecture, is iconic because of its innovative use of materials and its seamless integration into the landscape.