Beginner practices?



by CityCrow , in category: Successful Realtor Practices , 4 years ago

I obtained my license earlier this year and while I have not been able to get out and do much thus far (the local restrictions from the Covid issue) I am trying to get enough knowledge under my belt to be prepared when I get out there and start working with clients. What are some practices to make a note of for people just started out in the business?

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by JamesP , 4 years ago

Get social!

You want to get your name out there and your server. I would focus on making moves online for the time being. Get ready for the summer rush. A lot of people buy homes in the summer and early fall since the weather is nicer for it.

by SouthernBlue , 4 years ago

I agree with getting social online. A lot of selling homes deals with knowing how and where to connect with potential buyers. You want to get a name for yourself with a trusted face so it helps to have a nice professional picture of yourself in all your avatars on social media.


by BSmith67 , 4 years ago

It depends on what kind of realtor you want to be. Some will focus on buying up properties in prime locations and turning them out for better profit. Some focus more on ancillary real estate.

Just consider your options, what you are willing to spend on buying vs fixing up, and so on.

by Hunter1979 , 4 years ago

I am actually here for the tips since I am only just starting out myself. I appreciate all the information here. I would not have thought to consider a budget first or to use social media for something like this but it makes sense. Everyone I know these days is on Facebook.


by walker , 4 years ago

There's lots of online communities you can join and learn from. Have a look at Facebook groups, Reddit, Quora, etc.

I've learned a lot from the various outlets on the Internet.