Converting half a garage to a room a good idea?

by EstateBeast , in category: Real Estate , 4 years ago

One of the properties I have has a garage that can fit up to 6 cars. I want to convert half of the garage into another room, or a recreational zone of sorts. Is this a good idea? Or would it be better to instead keep the 6 car garage the way it is? Which do you think will draw in more of a profit?

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5 answers

by SouthernBlue , 4 years ago

It depends on the area. Most people don't need a 6 car garage. Even for a large family, 2 to 4 is often enough.

How many bedrooms is in this house? Consider who might be buying it and how many cars they would own in that market value range.

by GeorgeS29 , 4 years ago

Like mentioned, you need to consider the size of the house, the overall cost, and the number of bedrooms. If the home is designed to house a lot of people, they may need the garage space. It all depends. Look at other homes in the area as well and see what the average garage spacing is.


by camille , 4 years ago

Converting a garage into a living space is a big job that includes raising the floor, insulating the walls, adding heating, cooling and ventilation, and updating doors and windows. Before you begin a garage makeover, take the time to consider all aspects of the project.


by elliot , 4 years ago

There is a lot of work that will need go into this to make it a safe and livable space. I mean if you have the time and money for it, it will add to the property but not everyone would like something like that.

by shanna_schroeder , 4 years ago

It could depending on the family. With how a lot of adults are living with their adult children these days, it would come in handy. I think the average age adult children are leaving the home now is 30. When I was growing up, it was 23. How times have changed.