Ever unearthed something bad from a property you purchased?



by CarolR , in category: Real Estate , 4 years ago

I've heard some good stories about people finding money and other valuables after purchasing a house or property. But, have you unearthed anything bad? Possibly human remains, stolen items or something else?

I have not had any creepy discoveries, but I've heard horror stories about new home owners finding human and animal remains. Another person I know found satanic markings on her walls when they took off the wallpaper. I think it was due to the fact it was once an abandoned house, and probably had tons of spray painted stuff.

Anyway, have you ever discovered something bad like what I mentioned when checking through the house you bought?

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5 answers

by EstateBeast , 4 years ago

I have not, but there has been others who have. It happens unfortunately, we can't control what everyone does in their home. I've heard of people finding dead pets from previous home owners.

by Hunter1979 , 4 years ago

I have experienced this first hand myself. When my wife and I bought our first home together (ended up getting rid of the thing) it looks great on paper and in person. We were sold on it but we did not do the inspections right. Within the first year of living there, we discovered that the foundation drain was severely blocked and the basement took on water almost every time it rained hard. Some of the plumbing was so badly rusted, it busted open. We had to stay in a hotel for 10 days waiting for this to get fixed. We also found the place to not only be infested with mice but termites and it had an on-going mold issue. We tried to fix it all but just could not afford it with our mortgage so we had to get out of it.


by eldred , 4 years ago

The day has finally come to close on your new home. However, your excitement fades when you learn that the seller refused or failed to make repairs that were noted during the inspection — or worse yet, you discover the defects after you move in. It’s not an uncommon situation in the real estate world, but now you’re left wondering what your next steps are — and whether they should involve legal action against the seller. That's my story

by shanna_schroeder , 4 years ago

The second home I bought was loaded with mold. I had no idea because the owner had put up boards to cover it up and I fell for it. It ended up costing me 30 grand to remove it all.


by pink , 4 years ago

I don't buy homes and resell them but I know someone who does and he recently closed on a house that is filled with lead paint. Had no idea so now he has to replace all the windows, doors, and repaint and recarpet the entire home.