How do you get started as a real estate agent?



by Patrick85 , in category: Real Estate , 4 years ago

I would love to start selling houses in my area, but have no clue on where to begin on becoming a real estate agent. I have my eyes on a few run down houses that I'd like to repair and re-sell. Any suggestions for a newbie like myself? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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by CarolR , 4 years ago

Schooling is probably where I would start. Something in business and management, real estate and so on. You want to be able to sell a house, even if it's in poor shape (sometimes when selling a fixer upper).

it really comes down to what you know and if you're able to get someone to buy what you're selling.

by june_ankunding , 4 years ago

You may want to sign up with established real estate companies for training. That way, you learn in a structured environment, along with other real estate agents. You can also be recruited by that company as their agent. However, if you want to be an independent agent, you can still get training organized by companies or real estate schools. It will help improve your communication skills and you will learn how to build a strong network with brokers, sellers, buyers, and real estate companies. You will also have more information on things happening in the real estate sector.

by kelton.dickens , 4 years ago

The first step in this process is making sure that real estate is right for you. As a real estate salesperson, each day is spent working for you. This means handling your own office management, paperwork, prospecting leads, developing relationships, managing contacts, and dealing with buyers and sellers. Reach out to local real estate agents and brokers and ask them questions about what the day-to-day work is like. Ask questions about real estate as a long-term career. Starting a full-time career as a real estate agent can’t be treated like a hobby. It requires a full commitment. Make sure real estate is the right path for you.


by brant , 4 years ago

Some people recommend school, others recommend working for a real estate agency. It all depends. You will have to get a license regardless so you may as well go the extra mile and get your real estate license instead if just a property license.


by elliot , 4 years ago

When I was 27, I bought my first home for my wife and I and our first born. She got pregnant again a year later and ended up having twins so we needed to buy a home with more space. I ended up fixing up the house and selling it for a profit. I enjoyed it so much, I made a job of doing it.