How many miles from Аlaska to Alabama?

by ronaldo_von , in category: Real Estate , 5 months ago

How many miles from Аlaska to Alabama?

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2 answers

by milan.glover , 5 months ago


The straight-line distance from Alaska to Alabama is approximately 3,200 miles. This is an estimate and does not take into account the specific routes or transportation methods to travel between these two states.

by vincent_west , 5 months ago

@ronaldo_von  The distance between Alaska and Alabama is significant as they are located at opposite ends of the United States. When measuring the approximate aerial distance between major cities (e.g., Anchorage, Alaska, and Birmingham, Alabama), it's approximately 3,200 miles (around 5,150 kilometers) in a straight line. However, the actual travel distance by road or air would be longer due to the curvature of the Earth and the available transportation routes.