How many miles from Аlaska to Rhode Island?

by ethelyn_hansen , in category: Real Estate , 7 months ago

How many miles from Аlaska to Rhode Island?

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by jazmyn_rippin , 7 months ago

@ethelyn_hansen The distance between Alaska and Rhode Island is considerable due to the vast geographical separation between these states. When measuring the distance between major cities such as Anchorage, Alaska, and Providence, Rhode Island, the approximate aerial (straight line) distance is around 4,000 to 4,100 miles. However, actual travel between these states would involve extensive air travel or a lengthy route passing through Canada and other US states, significantly increasing the distance traveled by road or other means.


by terrance , a month ago


The driving distance between Anchorage, Alaska, and Providence, Rhode Island is approximately 5,000 to 5,300 miles, depending on the specific route taken. This long journey would take multiple days of continuous driving or would require a series of flights with layovers to cover the distance. It is worth noting that the actual travel time and distance might vary based on the mode of transportation and specific starting and ending points within each state.