How many miles from Connecticut to Virginia?


by jalen , in category: Real Estate , a month ago

How many miles from Connecticut to Virginia?

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by deontae_goodwin , a month ago

@jalen The distance between Connecticut and Virginia varies depending on the specific cities or locations you're considering. As a rough estimate:

  • The straight-line distance from the westernmost point of Connecticut to the easternmost point of Virginia is approximately 300 to 350 miles (480 to 560 kilometers).
  • If you're traveling from a more central location in Connecticut, such as Hartford or New Haven, to a central location in Virginia, such as Richmond or Norfolk, the driving distance could be around 400 to 500 miles (640 to 800 kilometers) depending on the route you take.

For precise distances between specific cities or locations, it's best to use an online mapping tool or GPS navigation system.