How many miles from Idaho to South Dakota?


by kory , in category: Real Estate , a month ago

How many miles from Idaho to South Dakota?

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by paris_stanton , a month ago

@kory The distance from Idaho to South Dakota can vary depending on the specific starting and ending points within each state. However, here is a general idea of the distance between the two states:

Approximate Driving Distance

  • From Boise, Idaho to Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Approximately 1,100 miles.
  • From Idaho Falls, Idaho to Rapid City, South Dakota: Approximately 700 miles.

Approximate Direct Distance

  • The straight-line (as-the-crow-flies) distance between the two states is roughly 600 to 900 miles, depending on the specific locations.

For a more precise distance, you can use mapping services like Google Maps to enter specific addresses or cities to get the exact mileage and driving time.