Properties near lakes and rivers


by Devin , in category: Real Estate , 4 years ago

I love buying up properties/homes near lakes and rivers. It's a hot commodity, and pretty much sells itself. I used to actually live near a lake, and I miss it so much. Used to remember waking up in the summer, running down to the lake and swimming for hours. That's what you can expect if you live right next to a lake or river.

Expect the cost for these homes to be quite high though, as houses situated near lakes and rivers sell for a lot. Even if the house is traditionally small, it potentially sell for double or triple the home cost, that is of course if the land is included with it.

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by TMCgraw , 4 years ago

Yes, they can be very expensive properties. I've sold a few of them and they make a good amount. It's mainly lakefront property that gets people talking. If you have a house with any portion of a lake, that land is worth more than the house sometimes.

by shanna_schroeder , 4 years ago

There is an area near here that has a river running through it and it takes on flooding yet because of the land and the area, housing is still pretty expensive there. I guess it is because it is a safe and wealthy community.


by pink , 4 years ago

I heard that lake shore properties make a killing if the area is suitable for vacationing and other attractions. I would not know how to manage these kinds of properties. We have nothing like that around here.


by ollie , 4 years ago

Yeah, they are definitely more expensive for sure!

They are very nice areas to live in but the risk of natural disasters is too high. You would think that would bring the price down but apparently not!

by russ_rempel , 4 years ago

Properties near lakes and rivers tend to sell really well for the right kind of person in market for buying a home. It is a shame the area I work in has very little to work with in this regard. I have never managed or sold anything near such a body of a water. Only ponds.