When buying a new house, do you get free inspections?



by Patrick85 , in category: Products and Services , 4 years ago

When buying a house, does that get you free inspections into the house you're buying? I figure the majority of people who sell houses do inspections when they buy it, but I think they should also offer a free inspection for any person that buys it, just to reassure the customer that the house they're buying is top notch. What do you think?

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by CarolR , 4 years ago

That's a good question. Some realtors will offer free inspections, but usually inspections are done by company selling the house and that report should be included to you. If you want a second opinion though, that would come out of the pocket of the buyer themselves, as I don't provide an second opinion myself.

Most places should offer a free report, but that's usually done when the property is purchased.

by GeorgeS29 , 4 years ago

In most areas, by law, a house needs to be inspected for safety hazards such as mold and lead paint. Inspections for the roof, piping, driveway, and so on need to be done by the buyer who is interested prior to signing or prior to moving in. This is paid almost always out of the pocket of the buyer, not the seller or the real estate agent.

by noemi_kuhic , 4 years ago

If you’re buying a new construction home, you might assume that a home inspection isn’t necessary. After all, you had the house built from scratch and customized to your exact needs. Wouldn’t a home inspection waste your limited time and money? That depends on how you look at it. For many, a home inspection can provide valuable insights into their property’s construction, as well as the chance to prevent costly repairs on the home later on down the line—after all, new houses aren't always without flaws.


by eldred , 4 years ago

A home inspection is a third-party evaluation of a home’s structure, systems, appliances, and other important features. The inspector will evaluate your property, give you a report on all his or her findings, and you can then go to the seller (in this case the builder) to fix any desired issues before you close on the home. In a nutshell, inspections can help ensure you’re getting a safe and hazard-free property, that you’re making a good investment, and that you won’t have tons of repairs to make before move-in (or worse, right after it).

by guido.swaniawski , 4 years ago

A house inspection is a no brainer when buying an older home to check things like the roof’s condition, the home’s weather tightness, and potential issues with the house. When buying a new home, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a step you can afford to skip. However, as the population grows in New Zealand and the demand for housing increases, we are seeing new homes, subdivisions, and even new suburbs springing up faster than ever before.