Hiring an inspector before buying


by jakob , in category: Successful Realtor Practices , 4 years ago

This is something not everyone does because they believe it is up to the state to cover this for homes and properties up for sale. They don't inspect everything, just give an assessment of the property to ensure it is livable. If you are buying a home, always have an inspection done before signing the dotted line. Plenty of have been stuck paying off homes with massive amounts of issues.

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5 answers

by marvin_skiles , 4 years ago

I think this is a good point to make considering many areas don't do full inspections and leave that to the home seller and home buyer to do which I think is wrong. Since people pay property tax, this should be included in all home sales.


by arlie , 4 years ago

I always have someone do a once over if it is not included in the sale. Some will offer to pay to have the house inspected before signing off on the sale while others won't. It is best to know what you are getting yourself into for sure.

by alexie_adams , 4 years ago

I think that the homeowner who is looking to sell should cover the inspection costs. I feel it is in their best interest as it gives the buy more control over the situation and more clarity.


by penelope , 4 years ago

I always ensure the house was recently inspected by the seller. If not, I will ask if they will cover an inspection cost or at least pay half of it. It is just a bad idea to not have a pro check for everything faulty with the house. My husband knows his way around a house as well and we still will hire someone.

by toni.kertzmann , 4 years ago

This is important whenever you are planning to acquire a property. I do every time. Hiring a home inspector gives the buyer another chance to review their decision before buying their first home. In this competitive home selling market, signing the purchase agreement without a home inspection means the deal is done and the buyer has no recourse.