How do you sell a house without working under an agency?

by Hunter1979 , in category: Real Estate , 4 years ago

I know a lot of realtors will work for a real estate agency before branching out on their own. Since I am starting out late, I wanted to skip this and just get out there and sell houses on my own so I get better income.

What is the process of selling a house after acquiring your license?

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6 answers


by PAReese , 4 years ago

The steps depend on your intentions and the area really. Are you selling a home to make your own profit or are you looking to help sell a house for someone else through a company? Or as a private real estate agent?

by alexander , 4 years ago

I have always worked for myself outside of working with my father. It takes practice and know how to start on your own. Keep it small and local at first. Don't invest in things like an office or anything like that. Get some nice suits and learn the area. Meet up places close to the clients home to seem more convenient.

by derrick.frami , 4 years ago

You get your name out there. Set up a website and just start connecting with people and services online like Trulia and Zillow.


by jakob , 4 years ago

Know the practice and make it work for you. It really depends on where you want to start and who you want to work with. Do you want to help people sell their homes, buy their homes, or both? Do you want to deal with buying properties directly and renting or selling them yourself?


by luther , 4 years ago

It's worth mentioning that the money you save on realtor fees are often lost and then some by selling the property for a lower price.

Further reading:

That said, if you're good at it you may be able to sell for the same price without the realtor.

by alexie_adams , 4 years ago

I worked with an agency for 10 or so years when I first started out. I always recommend this. Even if it is only for a year it allows you to get your face out there as well as learn the area without as big of a risk.