Working With Other Agents Online


by emile , in category: Successful Realtor Practices , 4 years ago

Have you ever worked with other agents online? I know some agents are doing this in their surrounding areas to help boost the number of homes they can possibly sell though it seems like most agents would rather work alone and control the market for themselves.

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6 answers

by alexie_adams , 4 years ago

I never have nor have I heard of others doing this. I guess in some places, this could work and it really depends on the market. A market that has a lot of properties can benefit from people working together, sure.

by noemi_kuhic , 4 years ago

Nothing of such. Haven't done it and I haven't heard of something like that, maybe a platform or something.


by brant , 4 years ago

Not me personally but I have known a few people to do it. It makes sense if you are trying to cover a larger area I suppose but I would much rather run solo.


by elliot , 4 years ago

I have done this a few times with success. You have to know who you can trust and who is not looking to just steal properties from underneath you. You also have to consider what business you are in. Are you simply selling homes or are you buying them and flipping them?

by shanna_schroeder , 4 years ago

I would never risk it personally. I just don't trust people when money is involved. I have seen people get stabbed in the back working for the same real estate agency.


by terrance , 4 months ago


While some agents may prefer to work alone and control the market for themselves, there are advantages to collaborating with other agents online. By working together, agents can expand their reach and pool resources to effectively market and sell homes in a larger area. However, there are potential risks involved, such as trusting the right individuals and avoiding conflicts of interest. Ultimately, the decision to work with other agents online depends on personal preference, market conditions, and the goals of the agent.