What are some websites where I can look at homes in my area online?


by Missy , in category: Real Estate , 4 years ago

I am not too familiar with any. I had been renting the same apartment with my husband for 5 years now, prior to this, I was living at home with my parents. So looking up homes for sale online is not something I have ever had a need to do. Can someone recommend some good sites to check out that don't cost anything or require a sign-up?

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by CityCrow , 4 years ago

Trulia seems to be the top one so I would start there. You don't need to pay for a membership and you can browse homes without being signed in. A friend of mine recently used that to go house hunting.

by EstateBeast , 4 years ago

I've used select realty in the past to view nearby homes for sale. I've used Trulia as well when I want to see a wider array of local listings.

Other than that, I mostly check Google.


by Devin , 4 years ago

I'm only aware of remax here, but I'm sure there are other realtor companies around here. I used to work for remax actually before I decided to start my own company this year. So far it's been a slow process, but I'm learning.

by SouthernBlue , 4 years ago

Zillow is another big site that is free to use and sign up for. I have used both Zillow and Trulia. I believe they are the top ones in the US at least.


by elliot , 4 years ago

Trulia is my favorite. I use it every day just to see what is on the market and what is selling. It helps to get a general idea of costs and prices increasing or decreasing.