How has the coronavirus impacted your work?

by DShrine35 , in category: Real Estate , 4 years ago

This virus has made a mess of things, truly. In my area we are still able to show homes but in very small numbers and we are advised against showing lived-in residential homes. I haven't had much to do if I am being honest and it is quite scary to think of the future. I read several places are speaking on how the housing market can crash again. Bad times!

How has this virus outbreak and lockdown impacted your work?

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5 answers

by Riley1980 , 4 years ago

Yup, it's like that for me as well. Most places now won't even allow you outside your home, so I can see most realtor companies denying people from accessing houses and such. I mean, it's better to be safe than sorry afterall.


by brant , 4 years ago

It was basically dead for 3 months. I was not showing any homes or nothing like the sort. I was mainly just working on fixing a few places up.


by elliot , 4 years ago

Not really. I tend to only focus on one property at a time and I am not in the selling phase yet. I think when it comes down to getting appliances I may run into issues. I saw on the news that there is a shortage going on now.

by shanna_schroeder , 4 years ago

I am not in the market for buying any other properties right now so it hasn't changed anything for me. I rent 6 homes out. I did have to excuse rent for 1 month for all of my properties just to help my renters out but since I had a savings and no repairs were needed, I was happy to do it.


by pink , 4 years ago

Yes, sadly. I have not been able to make a sale. No one in this area are looking to buy as a lot of people are still without employment. Some people are looking to sell so they can have money but there are not many people out there looking to buy.