How many homes have you sold?



by CarolR , in category: Real Estate , 4 years ago

I have only sold 3 houses since I've become a realestate agent, and I am super psyched about selling even more. With that being said, how many homes have you help sell? How many do you hope to sell in your career? For me it would be as many as possible of course.

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5 answers



by Patrick85 , 4 years ago

I have yet to sell any houses, but I am working my way to finally doing that. I have some properties lined up that I may purchase and fix up and eventually sell.


by brant , 4 years ago

As of last year, 7 in total. I have not been in the market of real estate my whole life though, I got a late start. I have been in it for about 8 years now.


by elliot , 4 years ago

I have sold 5 so far. I am working on finishing up another one to put on the market in October. If things go to plan, number 6 will happen before 2021.

by shanna_schroeder , 4 years ago

Zero. I buy homes, fix them up, and rent them out. I find it to be better for me overall. If I ever need the money I can sell some of them but I like having a guaranteed flow of income. I have 6 homes I rent out. They bring in $900 to $1300 a month and I do not pay the utilities of them. I think my general revenue each month is roughly 8 grand, minus upkeep and expenses for each property, I average around $5,500 a month which I am very happy with.


by pink , 4 years ago

I sold my first home this past February. It has been a struggle since. I was out of work in March, April, and half of May. Started up again in June and have yet to close a deal.