Sold a group of small houses

by EstateBeast , in category: Successful Realtor Practices , 4 years ago

A few years back I sold 3 small houses in the same street. They were all for sale at different times. When I saw them so close by, I had to buy them up.

Anyway, few years after that, I sold them off for a good profit. It's weird how it went down, but I'm glad I was able to do it. :)

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by PAReese , 4 years ago

I never came across something like that myself but it had to be convenient to be working on three homes so close together. Did you fix them up all yourself as well?


by thad , 4 years ago

Smaller homes are greener homes. Prospective buyers looking at these homes may be interested in them because they're more economical, so sell it that way. Highlight energy-efficient features and the low cost of living. Selling a small house can be challenging, but it's not impossible.

by guido.swaniawski , 4 years ago

It is obvious that small homes show clutters which often make them look like a mess. In fact, the messier the home appears, the smaller it looks. Remove less important and unused possessions from the home and start making moves to downsize it. Your countertops should be cleared while a large number of your clothing should be removed from your closet and properly organized. The home should also be spotlessly cleaned. Remove every home -office furniture and the computers from the living room. Do not create an impression for the buyers that there are limited rooms to use in the home. Add a sense of spaciousness to your small homes by planting tall green plants.


by walker , 4 years ago

That's always great when that happens.

I know a guy who owns most of the street next to mine. Dozens of properties just raking in money. It's a great area too and the property prices will only go up.

by berniece_brekke , 4 years ago

I would love to someday be able to do this. Own a good potion of homes on one street. Even if you plan to sell them, you get such a huge payout if they sell around the same time.