I like to sell homes fully furnished



by CarolR , in category: Real Estate , 4 years ago

This is something I like to do when selling homes. I like to add that it's fully furnished. It helps, because some buyers love the idea of having everything ready for when they move in. As well, some people like to buy new furniture when moving to a new place, so this helps them if they're good with the furniture.

What about you? Do you like to sell fully furnished homes? Or would you prefer to sell an empty house?

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by Patrick85 , 4 years ago

I like when realtors offer fully furnished properties. Makes life easier for some people who just want a property with everything ready. Some people don't like to go shopping for appliances and furniture. I believe some realtors will let you decide on the appliances and furniture. Some may even allow for you to shop for your items and they'll deliver and set it all up.


by theresia , 4 years ago

You are trying to sell your house and for whatever reason, you find yourself in a position where you are not living in the house you want to sell it empty. You’ve moved the furniture out and now you’re ready to sell but you are worried that you might be crushing your valuation or making it harder to sell.

You are also probably in a position where you need to sell the house fast, which is adding to your stress levels.

Thousands of sellers have been in the exact position you are in right now and the first question they always have is: “Will this house sell for less because it is empty.”  The short answer is yes, empty houses do take longer to sell than furnished, occupied or staged homes.

by vilma_kuphal , 4 years ago

Selling a home fully furnished is a great way for you to make a clean break from your old things, and can make the moving process significantly easier. Plus, there may be some advantages to selling a home with furnishings ready to go. A turnkey property certainly has an appeal for many buyers, and presenting a fully staged listing may help streamline your sale. At the same time, selling your furnishings along with your property can present some unique obstacles, and may not be the right fit for every seller. 


by saige , 4 years ago

There are many real estate professionals who partner with home staging pros who have a keen eye for interior design. Furniture in a home helps most potential buyers visualize how much space is available in your home, and what living in your house would be like. If your furniture is clean, modern and conservative, it makes your house feel warm, inviting and more like home than just a building. Furniture in a home can help a potential buyer to estimate how their furniture will fit in the space.

by toni.kertzmann , 4 years ago

To entice buyers, especially ones at the top of the market, developers increasingly are turning to high-end designers to build out and furnish the homes they’re trying to sell. Even the artwork on the walls is sometimes part of the sales deal.

These so-called turnkey homes are selling big-time in second-home markets like Miami and Mexico—and doing well in New York City, too, experts say.