What kind of products and services do you offer?



by CarolR , in category: Products and Services , 4 years ago

What kind of products and services do you offer as a real estate agent? The selling of properties is one of course, but I am also able to sell land, and other properties. Along with that, I can help with insurance related inquiries, though I can only point people into the right directions. Other services I offer, is fully furnished houses. I also have a grocery plan, in that when you buy the house, we'll also stock your fridge and cabinets with food and beverages.

What kind of products do you offer?

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by colby.johnson , 4 years ago

Keeps up with local and regional market activity and industry news

Researches active, pending, and sold listings and reviews the daily MLS Hot Sheet or Activity Report

Completes, submits, and files paperwork, such as real estate documents, agreements, and records with the proper state agencies

Plans and coordinates appointments, open houses, showings, and meetings with clients and other real estate agents

Develops marketing plans for listings and creates fliers, newsletters, and other promotional collateral


by javier , 4 years ago

As a real estate agents, am licensed to help sellers sell and buyers buy real estate and are generally licensed to operate, negotiate, and arrange sales under the supervision of a real estate broker. Negotiating and arranging sales can mean showing property, listing a property, filling in contracts, listing agreements and purchase contracts, and other duties.


by theresia , 4 years ago

Meet with and understand the needs of sellers with new listings.

Demonstrate your market knowledge, marketing abilities, and negotiation skills.

Research the current local market activity and comparable properties to establish an asking price.

List the property with relevant listing services.

Take digital photos of the property, inside and out, to prepare a listing presentation and advertising collateral.

Stage the home properly so it shows well and conduct open houses.


by theresia , 4 years ago

Determine the home's value in the current market for a listing price.

Advise the homeowner in readying the home for listing and showings.

Enter the home into the MLS database.

Market the home to other agents and brokerage members of the MLS.

Market the home in print, and other traditional media, as well as on the Internet.

Supervise and/or schedule home showings.

Report to the seller any interest and feedback from buyers who have seen the home.

When a buyer makes an offer, help the seller to try to get the price they want and to obtain a signed purchase agreement.

Coordinate the process from signing the contract to closing the deal, including scheduling inspections, preparing documents and other items necessary to close.

by toni.kertzmann , 4 years ago

Knowledge and networking are probably the most valuable resources that a professional Realtor offers. The laws of each state differ with regard to the purchase and sale of property and a Realtor assumes responsibility to know and to follow the law. The advice of an experienced Realtor is often worth more than the cost of services and should be considered carefully. The ability to bring buyers and sellers together and into a fiscal agreement in a timely fashion is priceless.