I sold an old school some years ago



by Patrick85 , in category: Successful Realtor Practices , 4 years ago

One of my favorite sales was an old school that was closed down. I was selling it as a warehouse, but the people who purchased it actually we're part of the community and wanted to revive the old school there. It's still up and running to this day.

I'm glad they were able to bring it back, because it is a beautiful building and I hated seeing it go to waste.

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by BSmith67 , 4 years ago

I have no experience in selling an entire school so yeah, that had to be some experience! I have never even seen a school for sale around here. I would imagine it was meant to be repurposed for something else?



by CarolR , 4 years ago

I never sold an old school, but I did help sell an old church. Schools sometimes close down and become abandoned. That happened to a school near me and it just rotted away. I'm glad you were able to get it sold and it's still a school. Awesome!


by walker , 4 years ago

That's really cool! Even better that it got reopened as a school. We already have plenty of warehouses.

I've never sold anything other than homes and I doubt that will change. Stick with what you know.

by berniece_brekke , 4 years ago

Schools can actually earn you quite a lot for minimal work all things considered. You just have to be prepared to pay a lot up front for fixes that can be done in just a few months. I know someone who did this with a school, bought it for 80 grand, put 150 into it and sold it for 400k!


by brant , 4 years ago

I never had the opportunity in my area to do this but I would love to some day. I know someone who bought a church and turned it into a half-way home for recovering addicts. The city actually bought it from him.