Is house flipping frowned upon?



by JamesP , in category: Successful Realtor Practices , 4 years ago

I know there are some people out there who buy homes dirt cheap and put the minimum amount of effort into fixing the home up so it ends up looking great but once it is lived in, many things fail for the new home owner. I could understand this being looked down on but what if a person does it legit and buys a home and fixes them up to code and beyond, is this still frowned upon?

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by TMCgraw , 4 years ago

No of course not. It's not frowned upon to buy up rough houses, repair them up and sell them. As long as they're well inspected and are built to code, there is no problems whatsoever. That is totally fine. Now, when it isn't fine, is if someone doesn't build to code, and doesn't wire correctly, because at that point, it's dangerous and needs to be addressed right away. This is why we suggest having an inspector with you when selling a house or buying one. Everything needs to be cleared before it's sold.


by Emily , 4 years ago

Why would it be? There will always be those bad people who try to get away with selling a bad house, but if you get someone to check the property out, you shouldn't have problems.

by SouthernBlue , 4 years ago

A lot of people are house flippers. The only time it is looked down on is when it is not done to code like mentioned or the home owner selling the home wants it to be put in the hands of someone who wants to keep the home, not just profit off of it. I have known several people selling homes who would not sell it to anyone looking at it as a property they will value from.

by MattColes , 4 years ago

I never thought it was until I met a couple who was selling their home and when they found out I was going to fix it and resell it, they pulled out at the last second and refused to sell it. They stated they wanted to stay longer but it ended up being sold 3 months later.


by BSmith67 , 4 years ago

Not in my area, no. But like mentioned, it can be in certain circumstances. I think the only people who are hated for doing this are the ones who flip and do it cheaply and then overcharge people.