What are the most important traits when it comes to being a successful realtor?


by lilla , in category: Successful Realtor Practices , 4 years ago

I know that when it comes to selling property, you have to have the right personality to really back a client and get them to buy from you.

I am just curious what personality traits are commonly seen in the most successful realtor agents? I am considering becoming one so I want to know if I would be a good fit.

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5 answers

by alexander , 4 years ago

As strange as it sounds, I would say to be a friend. You want to be their for your client no matter if they are looking to buy a home or looking to sell it. You give them your attention, time, and respect like a friend. You want them to trust you and you always put their best interest first. Those looking only to make money will often be found out early on.

by derrick.frami , 4 years ago

I think as a person who has worked with real estate agents, not actually being a licensed one, to me being relatable and attentive is important. You want to learn enough about the person you are helping to find their home to have a connection.

by marvin_skiles , 4 years ago

Staying organized. If you work with a lot of clients at once, you really need to be able to manage their needs as individuals separate from others so you can focus on what they want in a home, especially for first time home buyers who are completely new to this!


by arlie , 4 years ago

Building a platform for yourself. You want people to be able to reach you, know what your deal is, and be happy to work with you. If you fail to do any of that, you won't be very successful.


by penelope , 4 years ago

In terms of buying, you just want to know all your rights and the laws. Being in a position of buying from a realtor is a bit different. This is what I have the most experience with so for me, I like to deal with someone who is straight forward and honest. I don't like someone who tries to beat around the bush about problems in the house or try to oversell things I don't care about.