Do you offer free advice?

by derrick.frami , in category: Products and Services , 4 years ago

This agency near me offers free property advice for both buyers and sellers and I am not sure what they get out of it so I thought I would ask here. If someone here does the same, what benefits does this actually gain by giving something that can be time consuming away for free?

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5 answers


by jakob , 4 years ago

To my clients, sure. I always offer advice, tips, and help around the clock pretty much when I am working on getting their home sold or finding them a home. I work all angles so I always have people asking me for advice.

by colby.johnson , 4 years ago

Oh yes! Success in real estate requires being tenacious about generating leads, choosing the right customer relationship management (CRM) tool for lead nurturing, and picking the best brokerage to help you meet your goals. With an estimated 87% failure rate within the first five years of business, agents need to be diligent about their business to beat the odds.


by javier , 4 years ago

Of course. You have to be nice to give free advice sometimes. Generate leads through networking and relationship development. This starts with people you know, such as friends, family, business associates, and so on. There is little that is more valuable to a real estate agent then a thriving database of leads.

Everyone is a prospect. Basically, everyone you meet is a prospective client, because everyone rents, buys, or sells a home at some point. A real estate agent’s day is often consumed by cultivating leads, as well as meeting and following up with potential buyers and sellers. 


by penelope , 4 years ago

We mainly buy and sell, so we aren't a licensed real estate company. If we did do this, we wouldn't offer anything free. You have to consider the time one client could eat up if you charge nothing. I once was on the phone with a real estate agent trying to work out a deal to buy a house for almost 3 hours. Now imagine if he was doing that for nothing and ended up not making a profit on the house being sold.

by green_wuckert , 4 years ago

Sure! Treat Every Client Like Gold. When it comes to building a successful real estate career, the most important advice I could give a new agent is to treat every deal the same.