Open houses events help?



by Patrick85 , in category: Successful Realtor Practices , 4 years ago

Does it help to have open house events to help bring in potential buyers? I figure a nice walkthrough would make for most open houses. I figure having a little event around your open house could help draw even more of an interest in buying.

Compared to those who don't do open houses, who sells more houses faster? Those who have open houses? Or those that don't?

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by GeorgeS29 , 4 years ago

I really don't know the statics to compare the two but I believe it depends on the area. In some areas, open house events work out wonderfully but in other areas, they end up being more of a hassle than anything. I personally would rather show people homes one on one so I can answer all their questions and make sure they see all the details of the property they are considering.



by CarolR , 4 years ago

Of course open houses help. They draw attention to what a home could potentially look like. You also have walkthroughs, but those are more personal and for the people viewing the house. I would also say, it's better for bigger houses compared to smaller houses.



by JamesP , 4 years ago

In my experience, they work but you need to know what you are doing and have a plan ready. If you are a realtor that works under a branch, open houses are even better.



by Taylor , 4 years ago

Yeah they can help out a lot. A staged home shows what a buyer could expect. It's and idea of what a home can be. You can also do private tours of the home/private showings etc.


by thad , 4 years ago

Open house events are appealing to partnering luxury business owners because they can make sales in non-business environments. On the flipside, agents get access to influencers by requesting, for example, that a business partner invite 25 of its best clients. While this approach isn’t new, agents say open house events had been toned down for some time. The improved economy and real estate market has freed up marketing budgets, and now event strategies are heating up more than ever.


by verlie , 4 years ago

Open houses are particularly popular among first-time home-buyers who want to tour properties before they make a decision; the laid-back nature of the open house environment is a perfect introduction. Still, some naysayers argue that open houses don’t work or that they’re not as effective at finding buyers as some less time-intensive strategies.

by vilma_kuphal , 4 years ago

Yes. It’s safe to say generating quality leads is a priority for most realtors. Real estate websites are a fantastic way for leads to find homes you’ve listed -- but there are other ways to get your home in front of buyers and your name in front of prospects.

The answer is the open house. Technology has changed the real estate industry, but open houses remain an effective tool for stoking interest in your property and generating new leads.

by june_ankunding , 4 years ago

One of the most frustrating tasks after a successful open house is trying to read people’s sloppy handwriting on your sign in sheet. The difference between a J and a D could mean the difference between an awesome lead and no lead at all.

Luckily in 2019, we have Spacio, a HomeSpotter app, which allows agents to have people sign in on a tablet, ask custom questions, and send all their contact data instantly to your CRM where you can sign them up for nurturing emails, or come back later and follow up by phone with the hot leads.

You can even gain social insights on verified contacts in real time to help facilitate in-person relationship building during an open house. Try Spacio out at your next open house with their free 30-day trial. 

by kelton.dickens , 4 years ago

Partner with local shops to source open house goodies

Who doesn’t love free food and drinks? Partnering with local cafes or bakeries provides open house attendees with free refreshments. It also allows vendors to advertise at the open house and in your promotional materials.

Another new twist on the classic open house? Host a pop-up shop. Invite a local home decor showroom, clothing store, or lifestyle boutique to display their latest lines at the event.

This unique shopping experience encourages potential buyers to attend your open house -- and stay a while. Work with each shop to determine discounts for guests and the percentage of sales to be used to offset event costs.

by kelton.dickens , 4 years ago

Here’s a great trick I learned from a Manhattan listing agent in SOHO. Since most people will have a very hard time trying to visualize how a space will look with different furniture in it, why not offer your visitors staged images that show how that extra room will look as an office, a nursery, or a man cave?

As you flip through the staged photos on your iPad, offer to email (or better yet, text) them the pictures.

While this can get pricy with traditional virtual stagers, Fiverr offers virtual staging for as little as $5 with a quick turnaround. Their image enhancements will go a long way in making your pictures pop online.